Kids Not Returning to Class? 4 Ways to Prep Your Backyard

30 July 2020
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans increasingly expect that their kids won't return to school as the fall semester begins. This puts extra pressure on your home to be a haven for both parents and kids alike. And now is the time to improve its ability to do that by redesigning the outdoor space.

Here are four ways you can make your backyard a more functional and enjoyable space as the family spends even more time in it during 2020. 

1. Add Space to Play.

Active kids of all ages who won't be able to participate in team sports and school activities need sufficient space to get outside and get active. A large, unfettered, and open lawn is one of the best ways to encourage this. Many Americans have trended toward replacing their lawns with "zones," beds, or hardscape, but this could be the year to reinstate the open play area. 

2. Make an Entertainment Destination.

As late summer approaches and fall begins, the time spent in your backyard can increase at all hours of the day. Is the yard a place people want to go, though? Add areas for outdoor cooking or dining, for lounging around a fire pit, for little kids to romp on playsets, for adults to gather at a putting green, or for outdoor movies to be shown. The more options everyone has, the more they will head outside to escape the house and the pandemic. 

3. Hide the Outside World.

Few people want to lounge around in their yard while in full view of the neighborhood. And a backyard that looks directly onto unattractive surrounding elements isn't very inviting. Instead, make your yard a private space with the strategic use of greenery. A wall of trees combined with smaller shrubs, for instance, hides your kids from unwanted prying eyes. And it makes the view more appealing to tired parents. 

4. Educate Kids Outdoors.

The outdoor world is a great place to advance your child's education and growth when they aren't in traditional classrooms. Plan a garden that attracts pollinators and teaches little ones about ecology and the environment. Add a food garden and get kids involved with growing their own food. Install sports-specific areas, such as a miniature soccer field, to keep them active and engaged. You have many opportunities to help kids grow while in the comfort of your own yard. 

With some adjustment of your own space, you can create a home that will work in whatever circumstances the pandemic throws at your family. Get more ideas by meeting with a landscape design service in your community today.