4 Ways To Take Great Care Of Your Lawn This Summer

17 July 2019
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Your lawn is the centerpiece of the outside of your home. Keeping your yard looking green and lush will help keep your home looking nice as well. Keeping your yard looking nice requires more than just watering your yard, though. Here are a few turf management tips you can use to keep your yard looking great. #1 Keep Watering Your Yard In the summer, your yard needs water to thrive. If you want your yard to look good, you need to water your yard a few times a week. Read More 

Four Advantages Of Automated Irrigation Systems

11 January 2018
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Automated landscape irrigation systems can have a wide range of different delivery systems, from soaker hoses to sprinkler heads, all of which operate in a slightly different way to provide a highly regulated and constant stream of water to your yard and garden. However, all automated landscape irrigation systems have a number of common features which provide a set of distinct of advantages. Understanding the benefits that an automated irrigation system can give your garden can help you decide whether installing one is the right fit for your landscaping needs. Read More 

Tips For Repairing Winter Damage To Evergreen Trees And Shrubs

2 February 2017
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Winter ice, wind, and snow can wreak havoc on your landscape. When your evergreen trees and shrubs have seen the worst of a bad winter, you may need your help to save them. Assessing the Damage The first step in repairing winter damage to evergreens is to take an inventory of what the damage is to each plant. For large trees, you will need to seek professional help to remove broken limbs. Read More 

Landscape Tips To Prevent Winter Snow And Ice Damage

19 January 2017
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When winter hits harder than you were expecting, it's natural to worry about the state of your landscaping. Combating excessive amounts of ice and snow does require some action. The following tips can help you minimize ice damage to your landscaping. Tip #1: Skip the deicers Deicers, both those that contain salt and those that use other chemicals, can cause damage in your lawn that you won't see until spring. The damage shows up as dead or brown patches, and in some cases it can be difficult to regrow the grass. Read More 

Changes In Latitude Or Changes In Attitude – 5 Steps To Designing A Key West Style Garden Anywhere

26 October 2016
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Whether you're buying a home in the Florida Keys or you just want to feel like you live there, you can create a backyard haven in any size yard or environment. Here are 5 tips for designing your own Key West bungalow garden at home. Keep it Small. Most traditional Key West homes aren't very large -- and neither are their yards. This can be a good thing for those who want to emulate the island style, because it doesn't require as much time, space, or care to design. Read More