How To Decorate A Large Backyard

2 September 2015
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If you have a large backyard, count yourself lucky! However, you might also be feeling rather overwhelmed with how to landscape it. If that's true, here are some ideas that might help you.

Divide And Conquer - Do you remember the old saying Life is hard by the yard, but a cinch by the inch? That's a great philosophy for tackling the landscape of a large area, too. Consider dividing the space into sections and concentrating on blending them together in an appealing way. One way to divide the yard is to have a section for playing, another for planting and yet another for entertaining purposes.

The Play Area - A great way to look at this part of your yard is to visualize what your children or grandchildren will do while they're outside. 

  • Consider a short ground cover that lends itself to playing games like miniature golf, horse shoes and croquet. A landscape service will be happy to recommend grass or another ground cover that is easy to care for and that will thrive in your geographical area.
  • Think about including a small area where you can place an outdoor table and chairs for the kids to enjoy tea parties and picnics.
  • Another fun thing to do in the play area is to provide low bushes and other plants that will hide a secret fairy garden that you and the children will plan together. You'll need shells, rocks, pine cones and other natural things that will be used to make tiny furniture. An upside down hibiscus flower with a tiny rose as its head will act as the delicate fairies.

The Planting Area - Consider turning part of your yard into a large flower bed.

  • To add interest to the flower bed, think about combining different kinds of flowering plants with succulents, mosses, ferns and tall grasses.
  • Planting vegetables along with your flowers and the other plants you have chosen is not only a good way to raise some of your own food, but it will also give a unique look to your garden. 
  • Making part of the garden a hardscape is another idea. Not only will it be attractive, but using flagstone, small pebbles and decorative larger stones will cut down on your water bill.

The Entertainment Area - Do you enjoy entertaining outside? If so, having a separate area for this purpose will be a bonus.

  • Brick or flagstone would both be good choices for the flooring for the entertainment area of your backyard. If you want to incorporate some life into the flooring, think about planting ground cover between the bricks or the stones.
  • Cement would also be a great choice, especially if you faux paint it to give it a special look. Faux painters can make your cement floor look like Saltillo tile, an oriental rug or almost anything else your mind can imagine.
  • When you select the furniture for your entertainment area, consider outdoor wicker, rustic wood or wrought iron. All of these are affordable and attractive, and they will all withstand harsh weather.

As you complete your landscaping, think about adding outdoor statuary, a water fountain, hanging plants and hanging bird feeders, all of which will add an element of charm to your backyard.

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