Why You Should Use A Professional Lawn And Tree Service For Residential Maintenance

3 September 2015
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If you're a homeowner that takes pride in the way your landscape is maintained, you may already be interested in using a professional lawn and tree service to keep things looking great throughout the year. But even if you enjoy doing things yourself or value saving your money for other home expenses, there are still reasons why you should rely on a professional landscaping service. So if you hadn't considered using a professional to keep up with your outdoor duties, here's a couple of reasons why you need to give one a try.

Some Services are Actually Affordable

Lawn and tree services can seem like a financial burden for some homeowners strapped for cash, as well as a waste of money for those that like to do-it-themselves. But even though major landscaping overhaul and professional maintenance can seem like an unnecessary expense, there are services that are actually affordable. Though average landscaping costs can range between $100 to $200 a month for total landscape maintenance, you can often find local services that offer competitive rates that are as low as some monthly cellular services, lower if you shop around. If you utilize single services, like tree trimming or lawn maintenance, you can farm out the more costly and difficult jobs to a professional and save the easier chores, like weeding, seeding, and pruning for yourself.

You Could Save Money In The End

If you don't have expertise in lawn and tree maintenance, using a professional service may save you a great deal of both time and money in the end. Lawn care can seem like a task that any homeowner with a power mower can handle, but in all actuality, you may be doing-it-yourself all wrong. Fertilizing, watering, mowing schedules, and even trimming height can be factors that require skill and expert understanding to master, and if you don't know what you're doing, you could be throwing unnecessary green at your turf trying to get it to grow. With lawn care, an expert will initially assess the quality of your turf to determine the best (and most affordable) methods of maintenance. If your turf isn't appropriate for the terrain, an expert may also recommend that you transplant another species into your landscape to make things more affordable for long-term maintenance.

Beyond lawn care, you could save money over time by relying on a professional for tree maintenance as well (such as one from Outdoor Service Inc). Trees need to be routinely trimmed to create proper growing conditions for everything beneath, and they should be properly trimmed for optimal growth of canopy and structural integrity. Since the roots and canopy of a single tree can become a hazard to your property and any neighboring structure, keeping up with routine maintenance is a must. This can also help you avoid exorbitant emergency tree removal fees, as well as damage and safety concerns that come with falling branches or toppled organisms.