The Importance Of Tree Trimming

5 September 2015
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Tree trimming is an integral part of keeping trees in your property healthy and happy, and trimming trees may be necessary if the tree has died or if there are dead limbs that may be a threat to safety of the home or property. Learn more about why it is important to trim trees, the difference between trimming and pruning, and how to the professionals get the job done.

Why Do I Need to Trim My Trees?

There are a variety of advantages to trimming trees, though one of the main reasons is safety. However, trimming trees can also stimulate growth by cutting off dead branches. Similar to the dead-heading technique in roses, new buds will appear to take place of the buds that have already bloomed. Sometimes trimming is necessary to keep certain branches from growing into power lines or over the top of houses, which, when the branches die, can be a serious threat to lives and property. It is advised that you contact a professional and not take limbs off of trees yourself, especially if the limbs are high off the ground.

What is the Difference Between Trimming and Pruning?

The difference between trimming and pruning is that trimming is more for shaping and plant growth while pruning is the process of removing dead limbs at certain times of the year. Pruning requires more skill and better equipment while trimming is less invasive and may only require shears or a hedge trimmer. Most tree services are capable of doing both trimming and pruning, but this may not be the case sometimes.

How Do the Professionals Trim Trees?

When most people think of trimming trees, they think of someone climbing to the uppermost part of the tree to hack off dead limbs, but this is for removing dead tress. One tree service person will climb to to where the dead branch is and be secured to the tree with special harnesses. They will then chop off bits of the tree at a time, they almost never use a chainsaw to cut off the entire branch at once. You can be sure knowing that they are very careful with how they trim trees and they will make sure no branches come in contact with your house or other important items that may be in your yard. To trim a tree, a similar technique is used, but they do not cut down the entire tree in the process.