How To Maintain A Lake Fountain Pump

28 September 2015
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In order for your lake fountain to continue to make your lake look amazing, you are going to need to keep the pump running. This is going to require regular maintenance on your part, or else you are going to be stuck with a fountain that is not able to move the water. Here are some tips for maintaining your lake fountain pump.

1. Clean It At Least Once a Year

All pumps are going to gather debris at different rates depending on the amount of algae in the water, as well as the amount of other pollutants in the water and how quickly they are moving. In order to ensure that you get rid of all the gunk and that the buildup does not harm the efficiency of the motor inside the pump, you are going to want to make sure that you clean the pump at least once a year.

This simply involves taking a boat to the middle of the lake, turning off the pump, and pulling the pump into your vessel. Use a brush that has stiff bristles to remove all of the extra algae and other buildup. If you cannot reach an area, use a q-tip to get rid of the algae. Use rubbing alcohol to kill any algae that might still be growing on your pump. Finally, rinse off the alcohol and put the pump back into the lake.

2. Check if Your Pump Needs Regular Oil Changes

Consult your owner's manual or the manufacturer of your fountain pump to see if you need to regularly change the oil of your pump. Many lake fountain pumps do not require oil changes, but others do and if you don't have enough oil in the system, you won't be able to maintain an adequate level of lubrication. Changing the oil regularly allows you to keep the parts from grinding on each other and damaging the motor beyond repair.

3. Turn Off the Pump in the Winter

Finally, make sure that you turn off your pump in the winter in order to ensure that the fountain does not accidentally come on when there is ice on top of it. This will cause damage to the pump. You also want to take off the nozzle at the top of your fountain in order to allow the fountain to expand freely as the water freezes.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in lake fountain pumps.