Grass Care: What You Should Know About Using Too Much Water

29 September 2015
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Do you have a few patches of dead grass in your landscape? The problem may stem from you watering your grass too much or you may have clogged up drains. Find out in this article what you should know about overwatering grass and clogged up landscape drains.

Why is Overwatering Grass a Bad Thing to Do?

You may think that continuously watering your grass is the best way to keep it healthy, but you are actually doing more harm than you think. All it takes is for grass to receive about an inch of water each week for it grow and stay green. The patches of dead grass in your lawn is likely due to the grass being overly saturated, especially if puddles are left on it for a long time before fully seeping into the soil.

Too much water on grass causes the roots to get an insufficient amount of oxygen. You can eventually end up with patches of dirt in your landscape. Using a lot of water may also lead to fungus growing in your yard. Fungus can be beneficial for helping plants get the nutrients that they need, but certain types can also cause harm by thinning out your grass. If you don't spend a lot of time watering your grass, it is possible that the landscape drains are clogged up and causing water sitting on the lawn.

How Can Clogged Up Landscape Drains Be Detected?

You will know when landscape drains are clogged up because the grass surrounding them will look yellow. You may also notice that the surrounding grass is not as plush as the grass in other areas of your landscape. There may also be a lot of insects like mosquitoes harboring around drains when they are clogged up.

You can actually clean the drains out without having to do a lot of work. Simply remove each of the drain covers and pull out any debris that you see trapped inside. You can use your hands or a trowel to get the task done. After you are done, squirt water from a garden hose down the drains to see if it leaves out. If you still have drainage problems, you should leave the cleaning to a professional so he or she can used commercial equipment. Don't delay contacting a contractor to clean out your landscape drains so your grass won't get too much water!

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