How To Replace A Broken Sprinkler Head

20 October 2015
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An essential part of proper lawncare is giving your grass enough water through your sprinkler system. However, a broken sprinkler can seriously affect the way your lawn is maintained by delivering too much water, not enough water or water to the wrong place. Additionally, broken sprinklers can leak, creating an added expense to your utility bills.

Most times, sprinklers break due to simple wear and tear over time, but on other occasions they can become damaged by things like lawnmowers, weather, even an accidental step or kick. The replacement process is an easy one that can be done quickly with the use of some simple tools like a shovel, spade, screwdriver and gloves.

After purchasing your replacement sprinkler use your spade or shovel to dig a hole around the sprinkler head. You'll have to dig deep enough to reach the PVC pipe that delivers the water, but be sure to not dig too deep or too aggressively as you could damage the pipes with your shovel creating a need for more repairs.

Once you've reached the connection point of the sprinkler head and the pipes you can simply turn counter clockwise to unscrew the damaged head. It should turn relatively easy and come loose. Get rid of any excess water in the hole and replace any thread seal tape or plumbers tape with new tape.

To install your new sprinkler head, simply screw it in being careful to not let any dirt, rocks or other unwanted objects fall down into the PVC pipe. If any unwanted objects do enter then you can turn on the water, which will help to remove.

Before finishing the job give your new sprinkler head a test run as it is common that the direction of the spray will be off or the water will be running incorrectly. Turn on the water and make the necessary adjustments with your hand to ensure the water is being delivered to the correct part of your lawn.

On the top of your sprinkler head you will notice a small screw. If you find that the water is being sprayed too forcefully or too weakly, use a flathead screwdriver to adjust the flow of water accordingly.

You can now use your shovel to fill in the remaining dirt and grass around your new sprinkler head. Use some extra soil to fill in any leftover gaps, making sure you don't block the sprinkler head from coming out.

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