Creating A Landscape That You Love Spending Time In

14 December 2015
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Your yard is more than merely the outside of your house; it can become a space that you spend time in, lounging and relaxing, hosting, and entertaining. If you are unsure which approach to take with your yard or outdoor area, there are some tips that can help guide the process.

Begin with something that you adore.

Use one item for inspiration for your entire outdoor space. This might be a plant, like a beautiful blue hydrangea plant, or a piece of yard art, like a fountain. Work around this item, creating a theme or scheme to carry throughout the space. Use this one item or feature as a focal point for guiding the design of your outdoor space.

Work with what you already have.

Don't try to reinvent your yard or spend tons of money reinvesting in furnishings and features. Work with items that you already have, refurbish or reupholster furniture, paint light fixtures, and repurpose discarded items to create an expanded living space that is cohesive and comfortable, which reflects the design style of your home's interiors.

Carve out spaces and "rooms."

Carve out spaces or rooms in your yard to make it more interesting with shrub walls, or natural dividers. This will also bring a sense of privacy and intimacy to different areas of your outdoor space. This can also be achieved by using changes in surface grades, such as gravel to pavement, and that will result in separate, cozy nooks for your outside function and fun.

Go with what you know.

It is also helpful to mimic some of your interior themes around the outdoors of your home. Try the same configurations and design schemes that you have inside, only adapt them to the outside. This may include bringing out some indoor light fixtures, unconventional furnishings, and flooring to create a cool, niche space that you enjoy relaxing in.

Add some personality to your property.

Creating lovely landscapes gives homeowners the opportunity to convey a piece of their personality in these exterior spaces. These often-overlooked areas of the home should be considered an extension of your living space- give your backyard some of the same attention and finesse that you would give to a room inside the dwelling. Use color, furnishings, and eclectic pieces that demonstrate your sense of style and personal charm.

Create the yard that you want to spend time in. Use these strategies to guide your design and approach to landscaping the areas outside your home. With some thought and care, these will create a cohesive expansion to your living space that you are proud to show off. For assistance, talk to a professional like Design Scapes of Manasota Inc.