Want A Pool And More In Your Bare Backyard? What To Know

25 February 2016
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Do you have a bare backyard but you know you want a pool and a huge entertaining area? If so, you'll want to talk with the right experts to get the project started. You'll want to see all the designs on paper before you hire anyone or before you put any money down. Here are the professionals you want to contact to make sure everything is done expertly and that it looks great.

Pool Installation Company

A pool contractor will look at the property and the property lines to see how big of a pool you can put in, and what type of pool would be best for the area. You'll have to choose between a vinyl liner, fiberglass or a concrete pool, depending on your budget and how much maintenance you're willing to tolerate. How fast you want the pool will also hinder what type of pool is an option.

Decorative Concrete Contractor

If you're hoping for a decorative concrete patio that is stamped and stained, and an area outside where you can entertain, you should talk with a concrete contractor in the area. You can get decorative borders around the patio or the pool, a custom fire place to match the patio, and even a stone wall or brick oven for pizzas. Whatever you want, the concrete contractors will try to install and design around the pool.

Landscape Designer

Are you looking for some privacy around the yard while still allowing light in to sun bathe? Do you want to have trees that are low maintenance and repel bugs? A landscape designer can help you create a backyard oasis that has all the privacy and lush greenery you need to enjoy the pool. You'll want plants and trees that don't cause a mess or that don't shed leaves that could fall into your pool, and you may want to add some flowers or pops of color.

Updating the exterior of the home is a great way to add value to the property, and adding a pool gives you a great spot for lounging and hanging out with family and friends. Make sure that you get a patio and a backyard that can look as great as the pool, and ask the landscaping company if they do maintenance all year long for a fee if you don't want to manage the yard on your own. For more information, contact contractors in your area.