Looking For A Way To Get A Beautiful Lawn Today? Consider Lawn Paint!

19 July 2016
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What can you do if you're desperate for a beautiful lawn but drought, poor soil, or overly hot weather has destroyed your grass? Consider adopting the method used by the professional groundskeepers at golf courses, country clubs, and football fields around the country: lawn paint. Learn more about this waterless lawn care option.

What exactly is it?

Lawn paint is mostly made from decayed plants and pulverized kaolin, a soft stone. It's non-toxic, biodegradable, and harmless to humans and pets. A single application has the potential of lasting 2-3 months, depending on the condition of your lawn to start with, how often you have to mow it, and the general weather conditions in your area. The longer the lawn can go without being cut, the longer the color will last.

What is it used for?

Lawn paint has been used for years by professionals in order to make the grounds lush and green for special events. It's also what's used to paint the logo of your favorite soccer or football team on the field. Now, it's moving into the homeowner's market—realtors are starting to use lawn paint to make yards ready for open houses because a pretty yard adds instant curb appeal. It's estimated that cleaning up the yard and making it look nice for buyers can add 15% to your home's value.

Homeowners who just want a green lawn, despite drought conditions in their area, are also starting to latch onto the product as well. It has become a valuable tool for lawn care in areas where water use is restricted. Lawn paint is also developing a use among homeowners who just want something extra for their lawn—taking their cues from the pros, they are making use of stencils to create yard art that celebrates birthdays, family reunions, holidays, and other special events. 

How is it applied?

If you want to do the whole lawn, a professional lawn care service can help apply the lawn paint to your specifications. They'll start by making sure that the yard is mowed, dry, and cleared of grass clippings and other debris. If the grass clippings aren't cleared away, they'll end up blowing away later and taking your color with them. Because the lawn paint is applied with a sprayer, the service will also need to tarp over everything that isn't supposed to be sprayed, like sidewalks and garden stones. 

In the case of special designs, like "Happy Birthday" wishes or pumpkins for Halloween, the work isn't nearly as laborious. If you own a pump sprayer with a "mist" setting, you should be able to apply colored paint yourself, using a plastic stencil. Plastic yard stencils in various designs can be bought from grounds maintenance stores, specialty companies, and online.

If you want a green lawn today (or just want to add a special design to your yard for a special occasion), talk to your local lawn care service today about yard paint services. 

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