Tree Diseases That Can Damage Your Red Pine Tree

28 July 2016
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The red pine tree is a tall, narrow tree filled with dark green needles and bark that starts as a gray-brown at the base of the tree but turns orange-red towards the top of the tree. A red pine tree self-prunes, which means the tree sheds off unhealthy branches and needles on its own. This self-help nature makes the red pine a great ornamental tree for those who don't want to put in a lot of pruning effort.

But the red pine tree still requires some maintenance regarding tree diseases that could potentially kill the tree. Identifying the  signs and symptoms early can help save your tree – or help spare other trees in your area from catching the same disease off of your sick tree.

Armillaria Shoestring Root Rot

This fungal tree disease comes from the fungus Armillaria obscura and causes general decay and dieback symptoms on the lower sections of the red pine tree. The fungus enters the tree through the root system so the underground symptoms can worsen severely before aboveground symptoms even appear. Aboveground symptoms will eventually include yellowing then darkening and premature shedding of the needles and dieback of the twigs.

Otherwise healthy red pine trees can often fight off the root rot. But trees that have previous damage or decay might start to form yellowed mushrooms around the base of the tree, which is a sign the tree will likely die of the disease. Call a tree removal service to fully remove the dying tree down to the stump to avoid spreading the disease to other vulnerable trees in the area.

Scleroderris Canker

Scleroderris canker is another fungal tree disease named for the fungus that causes the symptoms. The symptoms resemble the general dieback common of many tree diseases with the needles turning dark then falling from the tree often followed by the supporting twigs. But it is important to call in a tree care service for proper diagnosis in case your problem is a simple cosmetic problem like needle blight.

If the problem is scleroderris canker, you will need to call in a tree removal service to fully remove the tree to prevent the fatal disease from spreading to other trees in the region. If your tree isn't infected but you were informed of this disease occurring in your area, call a professionals like Arborcare Tree Service immediately to apply some fungicidal chemical protection to your tree to keep the disease from moving your way.