End Of Summer Maintenance To Improve Your Backyard

26 August 2019
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Your backyard area and its cool lawn have provided you hours of enjoyment and entertainment through the spring and summer. But now that the end of summer is on the horizon, you need to consider the health of your lawn and its needs to make sure it has the best chance of lasting through the cold and ice. Here are some tasks you can take care of with the help of your landscaper at the end of summer to make sure your backyard is prepared for winter.

Add to or Supplement Your Lawn

Your lawn should hold up well through all the activities and playing on its surface despite the heat of summer as long as it is mowed frequently, watered fully, and provided with fertilizers. But sometimes your lawn can become damaged and bare in areas and require supplementing. Or if your lawn was not in the best condition in the spring, you can consider adding to it with new sod or a hydroseed application. 

Fall is a great time to fill in dead spots in your lawn with new lawn plants or seeds because it provides cooler temperatures but is still a good time for growth. And with the lower temperatures, you don't have to use as much water to germinate the seeds you have applied onto the bare spots or to promote the rooting of your new sod.

Once you have planted your new grass with seeds or sod, you can continue caring for it until the cold weather arrives and freezes the ground. Your new grass will become dormant in its growth, but once temperatures rise in the spring, the grass will come in to give you a healthy spring lawn.

Feed Your Lawn For Winter

If you have not aerated your lawn this year, fall is a good time to do this. Aeration is the process in which plugs of soil are pulled from your lawn roots, allowing extra nutrients, moisture, and oxygen to reach your lawn roots. It is important to do this, especially before winter hits, so your lawn can get a boost in its health from the last fertilizer treatment to your lawn and the late summer and early fall watering until the ground temperature freezes.

Talk to a local landscaping service company about aeration for your lawn, and then you can look at applying a good fall fertilizer to boost the health of your lawn. Although your lawn sits dormant during the winter months, it still needs additional vitamins and nutrients to make it through the winter and emerge healthy in the spring.