Get A Green Thumb: Landscape Supplies To Turn Your Bland Garden Into A Showstopper

28 October 2019
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The idea that some people are just naturally gifted at gardening and others have a black thumb is a common myth. If you haven't had much success with gardening in the past, and are scared that you might not have a green thumb, then this article is designed for you. It's a guide to learning the tricks to getting that ever elusive green thumb.

The most important steps involved with getting a green thumb is to make sure you have the right supplies. Without the right supplies, you are setting yourself up for failure. So, this guide will go over the most important things you need to stock up on in order to reinvent your property from a bland terrain to one that is a real showstopper. These items are all available at a local landscape supply company. 

Quality Top Soil 

The basis of any landscape plan is good top soil. If you try and grow grass, shrubs, or plants in poor soil, you will end up disappointed. The quality of the soil you choose is incredibly important. If you go with poor soil, it won't matter how good the plants you choose are, or how well you care for them, the results will be poor. So, make sure you speak with your landscape sales consultant and choose a top soil that is free of inorganic fillers and other items. 

A Good Supply of Compost

Topsoil is important, but it's not enough to ensure good plant growth. For that you need compost. This is the food for the plants. A good compost supply is essential to ensure that the plants get all of the nutrients that they need. It's not sufficient to simply water with some powdered plant food that you pick up at a supermarket. Most people with a green thumb know that before anything gets planted, compost will be generously spread around the topsoil.

The compost will also be used after you've planted grass seeds or even a vegetable garden. For instance, if your lawn gets a bit patchy, you will want to add compost using a method known as top-dressing. Essentially what you will do is take compost and rake it into the lawn and then add more grass seeds to the patches that are bare. This will help the replacement grass grow faster. 

Young Plants Ready to Bloom

If you really want a showstopper garden, buy plants that are already ready to bloom. Instead of starting with seeds, which can take a long time to grow and are delicate, just buy potted, adult plants that are ready to be planted. Make sure to choose ones that have biodegradable containers so that you can simply dig a hole, add some topsoil and compost, and then plant them as is.