3 Projects That Can Become A Statement Feature On Your Landscape

17 March 2020
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While browsing your landscape, you may notice that it may look a little boring, especially when you compare it to some other properties with more remarkable features. Fortunately, being the owner of your property means you can invest in all sorts of projects to improve your landscape.

If you are determined to add a statement feature to your landscape that your family, friends, neighbors, and guests will notice every time they look at the space, you should learn about a few viable options in great detail before you start working with landscaping professionals.

Retaining Wall

While some homeowners will add a retaining wall to their landscape primarily for functional purposes, you should not hesitate to create one for aesthetics as well. A major perk that comes with installing a retaining wall is that you can determine so many aspects of the design that you can make sure this feature and the surrounding area suit your personal preferences accurately.

For instance, you can use all sorts of materials such as brick, stone, wood, and even concrete to create a retaining wall. While planning this addition, you will also want to put a lot of time and effort into figuring out the plants that you want to grow above and below the retaining wall.

If you find that your landscape is lacking vertical depth, you will appreciate what a retaining wall can provide, especially if you go with a multi-layered retaining wall setup.

Flower Bed

When you inspect your landscape and find that it is not that colorful, you may want to add a flower bed in an area where it will be visible to most people. A great way to add this feature to your landscape is by making it surround your entire home. This will allow you brighten up the landscape while also making the house look brighter and more inviting with vibrant colors.


If you would like to add a feature that your family can enjoy in private, you cannot go wrong with a backyard pond. Adding fish to the pond is a possibility, especially when you get professional help with planning and making the pond because they can make sure it has the right conditions.

When you want more visual beauty from this kind of feature, you can incorporate a waterfall or fountain that continuously cycles water from the pond.

Considering several options for adding a statement feature to your landscape will help you end up with an outcome that satisfies your family completely. If you have more questions, try visiting websites like C  & J Landscaping to learn more.