Testing And Maintenance Guide To Ensure Your Home Is Protected From The Hazards Of Backflow Problems

14 May 2020
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Today, modern plumbing systems and other mechanical systems around your home that use water have backflow prevention devices. For irrigation systems, the devices protect against contaminating drinking water, and for sewer systems, they prevent problems with backflow that can cause damage and contamination in your home. Therefore, you want to maintain these systems to ensure your home is protected. The following testing and maintenance guide will help ensure your home is protected from backflow problems.

Winterization Of Your Irrigation System and Backflow Testing When It Is Reconnected In Spring

The most common type of backflow prevention device is the one that is installed on your landscaping irrigation system. These devices are often removed during the winter months to weatherize sprinkler systems. When you have your irrigation system reconnected, you may need to reconnect the backflow prevention device and have it tested to make sure it is doing its job to protect your home from contamination of water lines.

Backflow Testing Of Irrigation Systems and Installing Devices If Your System Is Connected To Household Water Service

The irrigation system of your home may be older, which could mean that it was installed before backflow prevention devices were mandatory in some areas. Therefore, you may want to have backflow prevention testing done to determine if the irrigation lines can flow back into the water lines of your household plumbing. You may need to have a backflow prevention device installed if there is a problem.

Backflow Prevention Devices For The Main Sewer Line To Prevent Problems With Sewer Backflow

Another main area of your household plumbing where you will want to have backflow prevention devices installed is the main sewer line. Installing a device here will help to prevent serious problems during storms that can cause damage to your home. This is a device on the main lateral sewer line outside and will help protect your home from damage due to sewer backflow.

Adding Backflow Prevention Devices To Basements and Other Low-Lying Plumbing Installation To Prevent Damage

In addition to the main backflow prevention device for sewer lines, you may want to have devices installed in some of the other vulnerable areas of your home. These areas include basements and plumbing drain in low-lying areas of your home. The backflow prevention devices will help protect your home from the damage that backflow problems can cause in these areas of your home.

These are some of the things that will help protect your home from damage due to backflow problems and failing devices. If you need help with maintenance to these plumbing devices in your home, contact a backflow testing service to ensure your home is protected from problems. 

For more information, reach out to a backflow test service.