Save Time On Upkeep By Making Major Changes To Your Landscape

9 March 2021
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Being a responsible homeowner who maintains the property inside and outside is demanding because of how much work is often required. When you bought your house, you may have prioritized low-upkeep interior features such as hardwood flooring and granite countertops. Likewise, if you also want to spend less time maintaining the exterior part of your house, you should hire residential landscaping professionals to make a variety of additions and changes.

Retaining Wall

Adding a retaining wall to your backyard is an excellent idea when you know that erosion is or is going to be a problem. Gaining better control of soil and water for your landscape will help you avoid damage and plant-related problems.

If you are not too sure how to use a retaining wall for the greatest results, you can let landscapers know about your intentions and they can pick a high-impact spot to construct one. Not having to deal with erosion or flooding problems throughout the year will save you time on upkeep.

Ground Cover

Although you may find a lot of properties with sizable lawns throughout their front yard and backyard, you should not hesitate to stray away from this typical strategy. One better option is to replace most or all the grass with ground cover plants that demand a lot of less maintenance.

Where you live should play an important factor for which ground cover you choose because an option such as creeping phlox can thrive in USDA zones 3 through 9 while the bunchberry shrub has a narrower climate range with zones 2 to 6. Going with a native ground cover plant is also a viable option since you will not have to worry about its ability to stay healthy on your property.

While you will want to invest a bit of time and effort into making sure these ground cover plants work for your family's wants and needs, you can look forward to saving time over the routine mowing, watering, and weeding that you often need to do with traditional grass lawns.


One way to fill in empty space on a landscape is by growing more plants. But, you may not want to add plants everywhere because it will inevitably add to the overall upkeep required. A better option is to incorporate boulders in various locations because they do not need much care at all.

When you invest in these kinds of additions and changes, you can look forward to owning a home with minimal landscape upkeep required. For more information, contact a company like Estate Landscape.