Erosion Control: Conserve Your Soil

18 June 2021
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If you own property on a steep slope or an embankment, you need to put measures in place to prevent erosion. Soil erosion is a wash away of soil's top layer by environmental factors like wind and water. Soil, for most of the part, stays put. However, without erosion control, it washes away at some point.

Erosion control is critical for various reasons. First, extensive soil erosion can make your land barren and significantly reduce its productivity. It also negatively affects water sources and introduces harmful pollutants through deposition.

How to Control Erosion

Numerous methods have proven effective in hillside erosion control. These methods are listed below.

Natural methods

The most effective way to control erosion in the hilly countryside is to plant vegetation. Vegetation will mitigate the effects of runoff water and falling raindrops on the land surface, and their roots will hold the soil together and prevent water from washing the soil away.

However, note that this method is only effective if you know what to plant and how to plant it. Although grass as a ground cover absorbs some moisture, it filters stormwater less effectively than the native ground cover.

There are various seed specifications for erosion control. These seeds are customized to mimic your area's native vegetation for effective erosion control. Additionally, vegetation should be planted across the slope for optimum effectiveness in soil erosion control.

Artificial methods

There are various artificial erosion control alternatives to planting vegetation. They include:


Geomats are polymers that are water permeable. They are increasingly becoming popular due to their effectiveness in controlling erosion, especially on barren slopes without vegetation. Biodegradable geomats like the ones produced today prevent erosion by trapping the washed-off soil into their honeycomb-like pots and offer newly planted vegetation the opportunity to grow.

Building terraces

Building terraces are among the best ways to control erosion. Terrace walls ensure the soil doesn't get washed away and provide an excellent surface to plant vegetation. Terrace building usually includes the use of wooden blocks. However, you can also explore a more sophisticated approach that involves a living green wall or engineered stones.

Improving Soil Composition

Soil composition enhancement is also effective in erosion control. If you make your soil richer in organic materials, it will absorb water more. This mitigates the adverse effects of rainwater wash-off on the soil.

Get Help

As a landowner, you cannot downplay the importance of erosion control. To ensure your property is duly protected from erosion, consult reputable professional landscapers. They will know which erosion control methods are suitable for your property.