Having Landscape Stone Delivered: Tips For Homeowners

19 July 2021
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Having landscape rocks delivered is definitely easier than trying to pick the stone up yourself. You don't have to drive a big truck or lift anything heavy! However, there are a few things you should do before and during the delivery to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Make sure the pathway to the dump site is clear.

It's easiest to have the landscape rock dumped where you need it, or really close to where you need it. However, the delivery company will need a clear pathway to the area where the rock will be dumped. You may need to move vehicles out of the way, relocate some patio furniture, or even ask the neighbors if it's okay for the delivery truck to drive over a corner of their yard.

Tamp down the delivery site.

If you will be having rocks dumped where they are going to stay, then you should make sure you tamp down that area before the rocks are delivered. Tamping down the soil will make sure the rocks do not sink too far into the soil when they are dumped. And doing this before the delivery ensures you don't need to move the stone to compact the soil later on. 

Confirm that the right stone is being delivered before it is dumped.

Landscaping companies do make mistakes sometimes; they are only human! If they happen to bring the wrong stone to your home, it is best you find out before the stone is dumped. So, if possible, try to be present when the stone is delivered. When the delivery driver pulls in, ask to take a look at the rock. Make sure it is the material that you ordered. If it is, then you can give the driver the go-ahead to dump the rocks.

Tip the delivery driver.

Tipping the landscaping rock delivery driver is not necessarily essential. These drivers are generally paid a normal wage; they don't rely on tips as restaurant servers do. However, a tip is a good way to show the driver you appreciate their service. It's a way to say "thank you." A few dollars is enough in most cases.

Having landscaping rocks delivered is simply the smartest way to obtain them. Follow the tips above, and if you have any questions, reach out to your landscaping stone delivery company prior to the delivery date. They should be able to help you out with answers.