A Tree Service Might Save Your Storm-Damaged Tree With Cabling And Bracing

7 September 2021
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A big storm or flood can take down a lot of trees in your neighborhood. Even if a tree in your yard wasn't destroyed in a storm, it could be damaged and at high risk of falling during the next storm. If you have a tree that doesn't look structurally sound after a storm, call a tree service for help. They'll know what to do so the tree isn't a danger on your property. If the tree can be saved, they might recommend bracing and cabling. Here's how this treatment works.

Tree Bracing And Cabling Are Often Done Together

Bracing and cabling provide structural support for weak trees. Bracing involves inserting a threaded rod in the trunk of a tree to hold two sides of a split together. Cabling has the same purpose, but it isn't done to the trunk of a tree. Instead, it is done high in the canopy. This method of tree repair uses a steel cable to hold two sides of a split together. The cable attaches to each side of the split with steel screws. Over time, the tree grows around the screws, helps hold them in place, and makes the tree stronger and more stable.

A tree care service might use a synthetic cable rather than steel in certain cases. Synthetic cables don't deteriorate in the rain like steel, but they may not always work as well as steel does.

Cabling And Bracing Are Not Always Appropriate

Even if you have a mature tree you love and want to save, a tree care professional has to assess the level of risk involved with keeping the tree on your property before they try to save the tree with cabling and bracing. If the tree is next to your house, it may be too risky to attempt repairs. If the structure of the tree can't be stabilized, the tree may need to be removed.

The Hardware Needs To Be Checked Regularly

The tree care service lets you know how often the cables, brace, and screws need to be checked. They might want to check yearly or every few years to ensure the hardware is holding up and that the tree is still secure. If the health of the tree deteriorates, then the tree might eventually need to be removed.

Bracing and cabling your injured tree is often an effective way to spare your valuable mature trees from being taken from your property. Since it takes many years for a tree to mature, the decision to remove a tree isn't taken lightly by a tree care professional. Trees are valuable additions to your property, so you'll probably want to save a mature tree if at all possible, and cabling and bracing might be the solution you need.