Have An Oak Tree That Is Not Doing Well? 2 Possible Causes And What You Can Do To Get It Healthy

28 September 2021
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If you have an oak tree in your yard that is not doing well, there are a variety of diseases that can cause this. In most cases, the tree can be saved but there are some diseases that are deadly to these trees. So you know what to do, keep reading to learn information about two of these diseases and what you can do about it.


If you see dead areas on the leaves on the lower branches of your oak tree this can be caused by anthracnose. You may also see brown spots on the lower leaves, as well as on any dead twigs that may be on the tree. To treat this problem, hire a tree service company. They will spray the tree with a fungicide. This will not take care of the leaves already affected but will prevent new buds and twigs from getting this disease. The contractor will also prune the tree to remove dead branches and twigs when the tree is dormant. If the tree has not been pruned in some time, the contractor will likely prune the entire tree for you to keep it healthy in the future. If the canopy is too full sunlight and rain cannot get through it and down onto the soil. 

Armillaria Root Rot

Armillaria root rot causes dead branches and you will see mushrooms form on the tree trunk. These mushrooms are a yellowish color and feel firm if you touch them. You may see hundreds of these mushrooms in different areas and they can be in different sizes. If you look at the trunk you may also see brown spots that look much like scales and will feel slimy if it rains. If you peel some of the bark you will see white spots, which is a fungus, growing there. You may see dark brown spots on the trunk as well as under the bark. Unfortunately, if your oak tree has this disease, it cannot be saved. Hire a tree service to remove all trees infected with this. This will protect your other trees from getting armillaria root rot. 

The tree service company that you hire can tell you of other diseases that can affect oak trees, as well as some pests that can get on these trees and cause problems. The company may also give you tips on the proper care of your healthy trees. Reach out to someone like Morlock Landscape & Design to get started.