Types Of Landscape Lighting That Double As Decor

22 October 2021
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Residential and scape lighting and backyard lighting is often seen as functional. It exists to allow you to see more clearly when you're out in the backyard. However, landscape lighting can also be a part of your outdoor decor if you allow it to be. Here are a few specific types of landscape lighting that can double as decor.


Spotlights are small, concentrated lights that shine their light on a specific object or item. Sometimes, your landscaper might install them at the base of a flag pole to shine a light up on the flag. They can be placed under a special tree to illuminate it at night, or near a fountain to call attention to it.

Pathway Lights 

Another type of decorative light is pathway lights. These are small, individual lights that are inserted into the ground on either side of a path. You'll generally leave two or three feet between them. Not only do they prevent you from tripping over something when you walk down the path, but they also make the path look glowing and magical at night.

Wall Wash Lights

Wall wash lights are basically like large sconces. They are mounted low on the side of a wall, and they're designed to cast their light upward, illuminating the wall with a nice glow. Wall wash lights make a space feel larger since they throw so much light upward. They're a really good choice in smaller backyards. You can light up the side of your house, or even the side of your garage.

Step Lights

Do you have any stairs in your landscape? If so, you may want to have step lights placed at the base of every stair. They make the stairs glow and stand out from the rest of your yard.

Well Lights

Well lights, as the name suggests, are those that are installed below the ground's surface. They may be pushed down a few inches or even up to a foot. This deep placement affects the manner in which they send light upward. The light looks like it's coming from some deep, underground cavern or pit, which can be really enthralling.

With the right kinds of lights, you can add endless beauty to your landscape. Consider including some of the decorative lights above in your design. A landscaper can take a look at your yard and let you know which types may be most beneficial to add.