Three Ways To Use Roses In Your Yard

27 January 2022
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If one of your springtime priorities is to improve the look of your yard, you may wish to think about planting flowers. While there are all sorts of varieties to consider, roses can be a popular choice for many homeowners. Available in several different hues, roses add a splash of color and a pleasant scent to your yard. If you grow enough of them, you'll be able to cut some and use them in a vase inside your home. If the idea of choosing and planting roses overwhelms you, contact a local landscape designer. It can assess your yard and give you some options to consider, including the following.

Under Your Windows

A lot of people like the idea of having rose bushes under their ground floor windows. Your landscape designer can build some gardens in these areas and plant the type of roses that you want. There are several advantages to having roses in this location. You'll be able to open the windows and smell the sweet scent of the flowers when the wind blows in the right direction, for example. Some homeowners even appreciate how the spiky nature of rose bushes can serve as a deterrent to burglars who might attempt to climb through a ground floor window.

Along Your Fence

If you have a fence that could benefit from having some vegetation along its length, roses can be an option to consider. If the fence has noticeable gaps between each of the boards, the thick foliage of the roses will help to block the gaps and give you more privacy. Your landscaping professional might recommend adding some trellises directly in front of the fence to help the roses climb. As they slowly make their way up the trellises, the roses will be increasingly visible from your home to offer a pleasant splash of color.

In A Sitting Area

For those who enjoy spending time outside, it can be fun to have your landscaper build a sitting area. Perhaps you like the idea of a circular area covered in gravel that has room for a couple of outdoor chairs and will give you access to the sun for several hours of the day. In addition to building this space for you, your landscaper can plant roses and other forms of vegetation around it. Roses in this location can offer privacy and a pleasant aroma while you relax, whether you're reading a book or lying down for a nap. Contact a landscape designer to learn more about how to use roses in your yard.