Three Benefits Of Lime Stabilization When Preparing For Construction

23 February 2022
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The native soil in planned construction sites is often weak and naturally wet. These properties do not allow for the erection of roads, pavements, buildings, or any other structure that needs to be put up. Thus, the soil needs to be stabilized by enhancing its properties to transform it into a strong, impermeable medium that allows it to hold construction material and designs. Lime is an effective agent that improves and strengthens the natural state of soil into a medium that favors construction. Lime stabilization modifies the soil in construction sites, improving its stability, workability, and load-bearing attributes. Thus, it eases construction, saves on costs, and guarantees the stability of structures erected on the site. Here are additional benefits of lime stabilization before launching a construction project:

It Is a Cost-Effective Stabilization Method

Construction is an extremely expensive exercise. When embarking on a construction exercise, you need to purchase building material, pay workers, and incur expenses in preparing the construction site, which can take a toll on your finances. Lime stabilization helps reduce the financial burden of preparing construction sites. Instead of replacing the site's soil using the dig and dump method, you can enhance its properties through lime stabilization and ready it to hold the proposed structures. The treatment saves you from the cost of labor and transportation you will incur by replacing the soil on the site. Moreover, using the available soil on your site saves you from paying landfill tariffs which are an additional expense. 

It Reduces Site Preparation Time

In most instances, construction contracts stipulate the amount of time the project should take. It is critical to beat these timelines to ensure client satisfaction and avoid legal battles arising from contract breaches. Nonetheless, the construction consists of various processes to ensure the integrity of the erected structure, which may take a considerable amount of time. Lime stabilization can help shorten the time to complete a project by reducing site preparation time. The process enables you to enhance the soil's properties and prepares it for building through lime treatment instead of replacing it, which may be time-consuming. Lime stabilization also effectively drys wet grounds for immediate use, saving considerable time when working in winter conditions. 

It Is Environmentally Friendly

It is prudent to incorporate sustainable practices in construction to minimize detrimental effects on the environment. Lime stabilization presents an avenue to reduce the environmental impacts of construction. The process eliminates the need for excessive vehicle movements when replacing soil in the construction site. It reduces congestion and carbon emission, which immensely contributes to pollution. Similarly, it helps avoid soil erosion through the dig and dump method by strengthening the soil available at your construction site.