These Landscaping Services Will Save You Time Later

16 March 2022
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Are you the kind of person who always tends to delay and put off any work or maintenance that you need to do on your landscaping? Maybe you simply don't enjoy landscaping work, or perhaps you are too busy to work it into your schedule. In either case, the solution is often to invest a little more time and money up-front in order to make your landscaping lower-maintenance, going forward. Here are a few such services to consider.


Having your garden beds mulched is one service well worth paying for. And if your garden beds are not yet covered in landscaping fabric, your landscaper can add that, too. The fabric and the mulch will work together to prevent weeds from growing in your garden beds. You won't then have to spend hours pulling weeds all summer. Mulch also helps prevent soil erosion. It slowly breaks down and adds nutrients to the soil, reducing the need for fertilization, too.


If there's a landscaping company in your area that offers lawn aeration services, definitely pay them to come aerate your lawn. Aeration involves your landscaper poking numerous small holes into the lawn. This makes it easier for water and nutrients to trickle down into the soil and hydrate the grass roots. You will have to spend far less time watering your lawn, fertilizing your lawn, and caring for the lawn in general if it is aerated once a year.

Preventative Insecticide Spraying

Constantly having to spray your lawn and garden with pesticides can really wear on you throughout the years. A better approach is often to have a landscaper preventatively treat your lawn and garden for bugs. They can use slow-release formulas to give you months of protection against pests. This also saves you from having to revitalize plants that have been harmed by pests throughout the year.

Slow-Release Fertilizers

Rather than fertilizing your landscape every few months, consider having a landscaper apply a slow-release fertilizer to your lawn and garden. These slow-release fertilizers are usually pelleted products. You sprinkle them over the lawn or garden, and they slowly release fertilizer in the coming months and years. It's easier to have fertilizer applied once, versus repeatedly throughout the season.

These landscaping services do take time and cost money, but if you can manage to perform them or have them performed early in the season, they will save you money and time in the long term.