Common Mistakes To Avoid When Landscaping Your Commercial Property

12 April 2022
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Landscaping can make your commercial property look so much more polished and inviting. However, commercial landscaping needs to be done well in order to remain tidy and keep maintenance manageable. As such, if you are about to landscape your commercial property, there are a few common mistakes you'll want to avoid.

Mistake #1: Failing to account for traffic flow.

Before you plan a landscape design, consider where visitors to the property, and also your own employees, will walk. You want to design around this traffic flow. Sometimes, commercial business owners create a really lovely design, but they put gardens and bushes right in the middle of direct paths to the building. Then, guests end up "taking a shortcut" through the gardens and damaging them. This can be avoided if your landscape is designed with traffic flow in mind.

Mistake #2: Not installing proper drainage.

You do not want your commercial property to get wet and swampy. Not only will this lead to damaged ground from foot traffic, but it will drown and kill many of your plants. So, if the land is at all wet, your commercial landscaping plan needs to include some drain tile, a good series of drainage ditches, a pond, or some other drainage method.

Mistake #3: Planting too close to equipment and structures.

On a commercial property, there are often a lot of structures you don't want to plant right up against. For example, locating plants too close to the AC unit can impede airflow to the unit, which will raise your energy bills. Planting too close to a fence will encourage plants to climb the fence, which causes the fence to break down prematurely. Always leave plenty of space between plants and any structure when planning a commercial landscape design.

Mistake #4: Using pavers, not poured concrete or asphalt.

When it comes to walkways, landings, and holding areas, you really don't want to use pavers in a commercial space. They're inexpensive, but they're just not durable enough for heavy use. They may end up pushed too far down in the soil, or they might become uneven over time. Poured concrete and asphalt are both much better choices.

If you avoid the mistakes above when landscaping your commercial property, you'll end up with much better results. Talk to your landscape designer to learn more about commercial landscaping, and don't hesitate to follow their lead when you're not sure which option to choose.