2 Lawn Care Tips Now That Spring Has Arrived

25 April 2022
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Spring is here, which means there are many things you must do outside to keep everything in good condition. One such thing is taking care of your lawn, as it can become damaged easily, especially if you live in a drought area. Below are two lawn care tips so you won't have to worry about this. 

Take Care of Weeds

If you see weeds growing on your grass, they can quickly take over. This kills grass as the weeds compete with moisture and nutrients. One way to do this is to use a fertilizer that contains a weed killer. This type of fertilizer will not kill your grass. It also makes your lawn grow much thicker which will drown out the weeds.  

If you only have a few weeds in one area of your lawn, you can dig them out. Use a sickle-blade or a digger to do this. You should start weeding early and keep an eye out because weeds can quickly grow back again.  If you water the lawn before you start it will make it much easier to remove the weeds. Common types of weeds you may have on your lawn include dandelions, broadleaf weeds, grassy weeds, bindweed, moss, crabgrass, and white clover.   

Hire a Lawn Care Service

If you have a large lawn or do not have time to do this yourself, hire a lawn care service. They can treat your lawn to kill weeds, as well as pesky insects that eat grass. Some insects may also get into your home. If you have dogs, you won't have to worry about fleas or them getting ticks. The lawn care service will know the best type of fertilizer to use and how to apply it to your lawn. The lawn care service will mow your lawn. They will know the right depth for the grass and can mow the lawn much quicker than you can. This is because the mowers they use are commercial and run much faster. 

The lawn care service may offer other services. For example, some services will do edging, clean up garden beds, trim shrubs or remove shrubs, and provide some landscape tips for you. What they offer will depend on the lawn care service you choose. Contact a few services to make sure they offer what you need. 

The lawn care service that you hire can give you many more tips to keep your lawn looking beautiful during the growing season. For more information, reach out to a company such as Topeka's Affordable Lawn Care LLC.