Reasons To Get Rid Of Dying Trees From Your Property

3 June 2022
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Trees are an integral part of your property since they beautify the landscape and help conserve nature. Additionally, the foliage provides necessary privacy as well as shade amid a sweltering sunny day. That said, trees will age and deteriorate, causing them to grow out of shape, have falling branches, discolored stems, and withering leaves. You must hire a tree service company to eliminate dead trees to prevent them from becoming a potential hazard. Below are the reasons for removing dead trees from your commercial or residential property.

They Attract Pests

Wood-boring pests and other insects such as bees and wasps make dead trees their beloved home and multiply in numbers because decaying trees offer them food. Dead trees also harbor rodents that can cause extensive damage to your garden and surrounding plant life. When pests thrive in your compound, they can make their way into your house and attack stored food. Therefore, you should engage a tree removal service to curb pest infestations on your property.

Their Appearance is Unappealing

Since dead trees gradually decompose, their stems and leaves will discolor, making your garden look unattractive. Their bark also peels off and branches fall, leaving behind a messy look. It is vital you hire a tree removal company to get rid of the tree and cover up the hole effectively to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape.

Dead Trees Fall

Dead trees lose their grip on the ground once their established roots decay. This results in falling trees that knock off neighboring structures. Also, apart from property damage, if your tree falls on your neighbor's fence or an unsuspecting passer-by, you may be sued for compensation following the injuries they sustain. To avoid such occurrences, it is crucial that you seek the services of tree removal to deal with a dead tree and avert a potentially costly compensation and restructuring of your home.

They May Void Your Insurance

If your tree falls due to a natural occurrence such as a hurricane or a storm, your insurer will likely cover damages. However, if the insurance company investigates and ascertains that the tree fell due to your negligence or inaction to remove it, they may decline your claim. It is important you take reasonable measures to engage a tree removal company to get rid of a dead tree to prevent voiding the insurance of your property.

The impacts of a dead tree can be detrimental and can cause extensive or costly damages to your property. Therefore, you should hire a professional tree removal service to remove them and guarantee property safety.