Common Types Of Mulch You Can Have Delivered To Your Home

12 August 2022
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There are many types of materials that can be used on your landscape as mulch. Some of these materials are organic and other materials are synthetic. However, they can all be used to hold in moisture and to prevent weeds from sprouting out of the ground. 

Shredded Bark

Shredded bark is commonly used for mulch because it can come from a variety of sources. This type of mulch is often used on slopes because it is able to easily remain in place. This is also a type of mulch that breaks down very slowly. Therefore, you will not have to replace it for a long time. This type of mulch can also come in a variety of colors to decorate your property with.

Bark Nuggets

Bark nuggets are another type of bark. This type of mulch takes even longer to break down than shredded bark and this makes it one of the longest-lasting types of mulch. However, they are not as good at staying in place, which makes them a good choice for flat properties. 

Straw Mulch

Straw mulch is chosen by many homeowners because they prefer the gorgeous golden color of straw. The straw can be kept intact in larger pieces or it can be shredded. They are often used to separate certain areas of your garden from other areas. For example, if you have a vegetable garden, you might place straw mulch around it to protect your vegetables.

Wood Chips

Wood chips are another cheap type of mulch that is beautiful. They consist of wood that has been cut up in a wood chipper. Oftentimes, the wood chips are made from trees that had to be cut down. 


Compost is another type of mulch that is inexpensive. It is made out of decaying materials and can help replenish your soil with nutrients. You can create your own compost with leftovers from dinner, but it's much easier to hire a company that can deliver compost to you.


Not all mulch has to be organic. A common type of inorganic mulch is that which is made from rocks. When mulch is inorganic, it does not break down over time. However, rocks can come with other disadvantages, such as becoming too hot in the sun.

However, regardless of which type of mulch you chose, you'll be able to keep your property safe from weeds. A landscape mulch delivery service can make it even easier for you to get the right mulch for your property. 

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