Fall Lawn Care For Greener Grass Next Spring

10 October 2022
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Do you wish your grass came up greener, healthier, and stronger in the spring? Maybe you look around and see your neighbors' lawns all green and healthy, but yours looks comparably drab and brown. The secret to a good spring lawn actually has less to do with spring and more to do with fall. Care for your lawn properly in the fall, and it will look better when springtime comes. Here are some tips to help you better care for your lawn as the autumn weather grows cooler.

Patch and plant bare spots.

Are there any spots on your lawn where the grass is sparse or has been worn away? If so, you want to plant these spots with some grass seed. Sprinkle grass seed over the area, and layer on some straw to keep it in place. Water the spot daily until temperatures fall too low. Depending on your climate, the grass seed may germinate in the fall or next spring. But in either case, your lawn will be more even without bare spots come springtime.

Don't touch the thatch.

Thatch is the dead grass that tends to build up between the living grass and the soil. It can offer some protection to the tender grass blades when they first come up in the spring. However, some well-meaning homeowners remove it in the fall when they rake their lawns. Try your best to leave it in place, and your grass will come up healthier in the spring. If you feel your lawn needs dethatching, wait until summer to do this.

Spread a slow-release fertilizer.

Slow-release fertilizers are made up of little pellets of fertilizer that slowly break down and release their contents over time. If you scatter some in the fall, it will help your grass grow stronger, deeper roots that are better able to sustain it through the winter. This will allow it to come back stronger in the spring. Some of the fertilizer should also still be around in the spring, so your lawn will get a nice boost of fertilizer when spring returns. This will also help it come in greener and thicker right off the bat.

If you follow these lawn care tips, you should have a healthier, happier lawn in a few months. Don't hesitate to contact a residential lawn care service or landscaping contractor if you need a little more help with your grass.