Can Your Commercial Landscape Help Prevent Trespassers?

9 December 2022
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Every business owner needs to protect their property. But increasing security can come with increased costs and an unwelcoming appearance for customers. If you want to avoid both problems, it's time to consider ways your commercial landscaping can help deter trespassers. Here are a few tricks to try. 

1. Use Thorny Plants

Make your landscape look great while simultaneously making it less appealing to trespassers by using certain plants in key locations. Bougainvillea, for instance, look beautiful and lush — but those flowers hide sharp thorns. Some species of palms, most roses, agave, and cactus plants all provide a nice aesthetic while deterring people from coming too close. 

2. Add Strategic Rocks

Do you have a problem with loiterers or vandals hanging out? Rocks can be a good deterrent in several ways. Replace a flat and comfortable spot where loiterers can relax with some large rocks and small boulders. Turn it into a rock garden to keep it attractive for customers. Large rocks are also great ways to prevent unwanted cars or pedestrians from using your property as a shortcut. 

3. Keep Trees Pruned

Don't let your landscape become overgrown. Overgrowth creates hiding spots for thieves and vandals. Keep trees and large bushes trimmed neatly, especially around windows and doors. Don't let overgrowth get out of hand near gates or create blind corners. And always ensure that the landscape doesn't interfere with camera and motion sensor positions. 

4. Use a Noisy Landscape

Noise deters burglars and vandals alike. But can your landscape be noisier to help make it a less attractive target? Try noisy base materials like gravel that will alert others to the presence of someone walking on them. Reduce the volume of large trees — especially evergreens — that serve to soften and insulate against noise. And use things like loose rock directly around buildings rather than soft grass. 

5. Have a Lighting Plan

What is your after-hours lighting plan? A commercial lighting plan can both be attractive and secure if you plan it right. You may not need to leave on large, ugly overhead lights if you craft a plan that uses a variety of outdoor lights like up-lights, motion sensors, accent lighting, solar lights, and LED lights. And don't forget moonlight, which can be harnessed to add free lighting to your property. 

Where Should You Start?

Ready to make your landscape work harder to prevent intruders? No matter what your goals, budget, or current landscape are, the best place to begin is by meeting with a qualified commercial landscaping service in your area. With their assistance, you'll soon have a safer business site for less money.